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Covid-19 News: Spain extends the state of emergency

Covid-19 News: Spain extends the state of emergency

To fight the outbreak of the Corona-virus/Covid-19 the state of emergency and the home confinement in Spain has been extended for 15 days until the 11th of April.

As lots of media already cover the extend of this never before seen outbreak we have decided to continue writing and publishing our Blogs about the Costa Blanca, with only one thought in mind: to give our readers a bit of joy in between all the scary and fearful headlines that we see all around us.

Once this is over, let’s hope it will be sooner than later with as few victims as possible, we can all go out again and enjoy our beautiful area. We hope you all stay safe and follow the regulations for the benefit of all of us.

We have started a series of Blogs of exciting activities in the Costa Blanca and we have found two more great things to do that will have your adrenaline rushing. Enjoy these suggestions and enjoy them with your family or friends once all this is over and behind us!

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